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The Trijon Way to Breathe New Life Into Your Old Ride


Your well-to-do buddy from college just bagged another monster commission from some seriously lucrative fund management, while your promotion has been delayed yet another year. He drives home with a 420 horsepower Porsche Panamera 4S, having paid the six-figure asking price in cash, and your 10-year-old, slightly dinged, very curb-rashed E46 sits in your driveway begging for some much-needed TLC. Life is hard for you, and the pain is palpable. You’ve thought about getting rid of your car, but it still runs well, and it’s paid for. But you want more from it and and the ability to enjoy driving it for at least the next few years.
So it’s time to mod your existing ride and breathe some new life into it with the Trijon Treatment! No, we don’t mean getting a subscription to fast car and then transforming your car by slamming it, buying a new engine and festooning it with green paint and a spoiler the size of Moby Dick’s tail. You want to remain tasteful while improving your car’s drivability factor. There are numerous “under-the-skin” changes you can make to your car without paying through the nose and without looking like the latest addition to the Fast and Furious crew. Trijon has new and affordable ways to make your current ride that much better. For Full Enlightenment start the Trijon Trail here --------> CAR PORN AREA!!


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