Valet Service

Here at TRIJON AUTO we believe in letting our customers choose exactly what they want done to their vehicle and NOT told what they have to have! This is why we developed the TRIJON BUILD A VALET SERVICE where you choose over and above what we believe are the essentials of a clean car to add your own personal requirements.

Each valet includes the following below. Just add what you require or don't require from the drop down boxes to the right! It's that simple! And dont forget every valet includes FREE COLLECTION & DELIVERY (South Co.Dublin & North Co.Wicklow).


 Every Valet includes the following essentials:

1.) 2 Stage Hand Wash

2.) Blade & Chamois Dried

3.) Full Interior Vacuum

4.) Tyres Dressed

5.) Exterior Paintwork Polished

6.) Door Sills Polished

7.) Window Glass Polished Inside & Out

8.) Exterior Vinyls Dressed


Add ons  explained:

DE TAR - TRIJON AUTO use a Tar Remover to remove the tar spots and adhesive residues using a specially formulated solvent based cleaner which is designed with the sole purpose of safely removing bitumen & glue based contaminants without scrubbing or damaging the OEM paintwork or finish. It removes road tar, excess wheel weight adhesive, decals, & protective film residues quickly, easily & safely.

CLAY BAR - TRIJON AUTO use a Clay Bar as the final stage of the paintwork decontamination process, & this professional mechanical process allows us to gently remove the adherent organic & inorganic contaminants that chemicals alone cannot. This helps to create a silky smooth finish of the paintwork. We also clay your windscreen glass which can help to improve visibility & decrease wiper chatter. Clay bar decontamination should be conducted on average every 3-6 months depending upon vehicle usage.

CARNAUBA WAX - TRIJON AUTO use a range of CARNAUBA WAX that is tailored to different paint types & needs. Our CARNAUBA WAX range will protect any car from the daily driver up to the million Euro super car.

CARNAUBA WAX will help protect your vehicle from fallout and UV rays all year round, whilst also protecting your paint finish. The natural ingredients will also add water repellency making it easier to clean your car.

CARPET SHAMPOO & WET VAC - TRIJON AUTO will wash, shampoo & wet vac your carpets removing all dirt, stains & smells where possible.

MAT SHAMPOO & WET VAC - TRIJON AUTO will wash, shampoo & wet vac your mats removing all dirt, stains & smells where possible.

CARPET DYE - TRIJON AUTO will renovate any black carpets with our (Black Only) carpet dye.

MAT DYE - TRIJON AUTO will renovate any black mats with our (Black Only) mat dye.

FULL DOG HAIR REMOVAL - TRIJON AUTO offer one of the hardest jobs of removing all of your pet hairs from your vehicle.

ENGINE BAY DRESSING - TRIJON AUTO offer an engine bay clean & dressing service making your engine bay look like new.

HEADLIGHT RESTORATION - TRIJON AUTO use the latest 3M system to bring your plastic headlights back to life increasing light intensity & potential NCT failure with our professional machine polishing service.

CHROME & BRIGHTWORK POLISH - TRIJON AUTO use the latest metal polish techniques to bring your chrome & bright-work back to life.


EMPLOYEE SCHEME - TRIJON AUTO offer an employee scheme for companies offering discounts for block bookings. Contact us HERE for details or call 0831 886 887.

LOYALTY SCHEME - TRIJON AUTO offer a 20% discount for all repeat bookings from our loyal customers.

POINTS REWARDS - TRIJON AUTO offer 1 point for each euro spend, so you can use these points to redeem against any of our products & services! IE another FREE Valet!


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